Hazy Days Innovations, LLC (Beerbong.com) , home for all of your drinking novelty needs. Whether you are new to using our products or a seasoned pro, you may have questions about our merchandise. You can always contact us to find out the information you need to know.

Our customer service staff will respond to your question efficiently and in a professional manner/ No question is a bad one, as we want to help you get the most out of your experiences using our products. We also welcome feedback on and suggestions regarding the products we carry.

Hazy Days Innovations, LLC (BeerBong.com) wholesale offers your business high-quality products as well as order processing efficiency.

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A lot of competitors have copied our products to sell as their own, but we have always kept our quality and pricing. Don’t get fooled by the fake Chinese brands.

Most of our plastic productions are in Denver, Colorado with high grade plastic.

Headquarters is in Parker just south of Denver. Our location allows most of our customers a 1-3 day shipping time. 95% of our orders ships within 24 hours which means our customers receive their product fast!