Build a custom bong with beer funnel colors, y-connectors, ultimate valves, number of tubes, and more!


All of our plastics are food grade material. 

Party with your own BeerBong.com, custom made Beer Bongs and Beer Funnels. Don’t be that guy who brings in a cheap beer bong and gets everyone wet.

The Ultimate Valve is made only for the Beer Bong, not a cheap plumbers valve like everyone else uses. Build your own bong through us and see the difference.

We buy the thick tubing, made here in the USA. You won’t find this tubing on any other Beer Bongs. It won’t break or kink. 

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BeerBong.com is your #1 place for all your drinking novelty needs. Great selection of Beer Bongs with funnel colors, tubing length and valve color. Get our Beer Bong today and get the jump on happy hour with a few friends! ***Shop Now & Save***

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