Who is BeerBong.com?

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a Beer Bong company that sells fun drinking novelty products. In simpler terms, we sell BEER BONGS!. We’re looking for some AWESOME students to become Campus Reps.

What Does A Student Campus Rep Do?

Campus Reps are responsible for generating excitement and buzz about BeerBong.com on campus. They promote and sell our products to fellow students, fraternities, sororities and clubs.

What Kind Of Students Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for a marketing and sales ninja! Alright, you might not be a ninja yet, but we’ll help you get there. You should be outgoing and creative, we’re not looking for quiet types. Someone who is a self-starter and doesn’t need to be supervised on a daily basis is our idea of a perfect Campus Rep. You should be reliable and organized. You won’t be writing a thesis for us, but you should have outstanding verbal and written communication skills. If you’ve had selling experience, that’s a plus.

What Do Campus Rep’s Get?

As a Campus Rep for BeerBong.com, you will possibly become the most popular person on campus. All kidding aside, we’re going to help you tell a better story about yourself by helping you to build your resume. After you have finished your role as a BeerBong.com Campus rep, you will have created a portfolio of marketing campaigns that you can present to future employers. Other then receiving the obligatory t-shirt and personalized BeerBong.com business cards, you’ll receive commission for every order that is placed as a result of your campaigns. Successful BeerBong.com Reps will be one of the highest paid student reps on campus. Have you applied yet?

So if you like making $$$ fill out the form below and the dudes at BeerBong.com will contact you: