Evil Clown - White Funnel
Lucky Sugar Skull - Black Funnel
American Eagle - Black Funnel
Evil Clown - Black Funnel
Still I Rise - Black Funnel
Bombshell Skull - Black Funnel
Chaos Mini Smiley - Black Funnel
Smiley Face - Black Funnel
Cowabonga - Black Funnel
Love - Black Funnel
Green Face - Black Funnel
Monkey - Black Funnel
Skull Pirate - Black Funnel
Zombie Apocalypse - Black Funnel
Zombie Bait - Black Funnel
Lucky Sugar Skull - Blue Funnel
American Eagle - Blue Funnel
Evil Clown - Blue Funnel
Still I Rise - Blue Funnel
Bombshell Skull - Blue Funnel
Chaos Mini Smiley - Blue Funnel
Chaos Smiley - Blue Funnel
cowabonga - Blue Funnel
Love - Blue Funnel
Green Face - Blue Funnel
Monkey Face - Blue Funnel
Skull Pirate - Blue Funnel
Zombie Apocalypse - Blue Funnel
Zombie Bait - Blue Funnel
Lucky Sugar Skull - Green Funnel
American Eagle - Green Funnel
Evil Clown - Green Funnel
Still I Rise - Green Funnel
Bombshell Skull - Green Funnel
Chaos Smiley - Green Funnel
Chaos Smiley - Green Funnel
cowabonga - green funnel
Love - Green Funnel
Green Face - Green Funnel
Monkey - Green Funnel
Skull Pirate - Green Funnel
Zombie Apocalypse - Green Funnel
Zombie Bait - Green Funnel
Lucky Sugar Skull - Orange Funnel
American Eagle - Orange Funnel
Evil Clown - Orange Funnel
Still I Rise - Orange Funnel
Bombshell Skull - Orange Funnel
Chaos Mini Smiley - Orange Funnel
Chaos Smiley - Orange Funnel
cowabonga - Orange Funnel
Love - Orange Funnel
Green Face - Orange Funnel
Monkey - Orange Funnel
Skull Pirate - Orange Funnel
Zombie Apocalypse - Orange Funnel
Zombie Bait - Orange Funnel
Lucky Sugar Skull - Pink Funnel
American Eagle - Pink Funnel
Evil Clown - Pink Funnel
Still I Rise - Pink Funnel
Bombshell Skull - Pink Funnel
Chaos Mini Smiley - Pink Funnel
Chaos Smiley Face - Pink Funnel
cowabonga - Pink Funnel
Love - Pink Funnel
Green Face - Pink Funnel
Monkey - Pink Funnel
Skull Pirate - Pink Funnel
Zombie Apocalypse - Pink Funnel
Zombie Bait - Pink Funnel
Lucky Sugar Skull - Red Funnel
American Eagle - Red Funnel
Evil Clown - Red Funnel
Still I Rise - Red Funnel
Bombshell Skull - Red Funnel
Chaos Mini Smiley - Red Funnel
Chaos Smiley - Red Funnel
cowabonga - Red Funnel
Love - Red Funnel
Green Face - Red Funnel
Monkey - Red Funnel
Skull Pirate - Red Funnel
Zombie Apocalypse - Red Funnel
Zombie Bait - Red Funnel
Lucky Sugar Skull - White Funnel
American Eagle - White Funnel
Still I Rise - White Funnel
Bombshell Skull - White Funnel
Chaos Mini Smiley - White Funnel
Chaos Smiley - White Funnel
cowabonga - White Funnel
Love - White Funnel
Green Face - White Funnel
Monkey - White Funnel
Skull Pirate - White Funnel
Zombie Apocalypse - White Funnel
Zombie Bait - White Funnel

Beer Bong Special Stickers

Funnel Color: Black
Sticker: American Eagle
Product description
  • Special Stickers Beer Bong
  • Funnel Made From 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Funnel 40 oz. Made in the USA
  • Tubing Made in the USA
  • Ultimate Valve
  • Special Fun Stickers
  • Easy to Clean


  • Funnel made in the USA – Funnel made from 100% recycled plastic - 40-ounce funnel with thicker and sturdier plastic. Designed just for our beer bong, it’s 8 inches in diameter, 7.5 inches tall, and holds over 40 ounces of your favorite beverage. Easy to wash and reuse for next time.

  • Tubing made in the USA – 2 feet of extra-thick tubing. Preventing kinks and splits for more fun and less frustration. Crystal clear tubing so you can see your favorite beverage going down. It doesn’t have any kind of smell or greasy feeling. Made of non-toxic, food-grade materials.

  • Ultimate Valve – The advanced on and off valve not only lets you control the beer getting gulped, but it also helps eliminate spills, leaks, or sticky messes.

  • Made in the USA – We manufacture our funnel and tubing in the USA. No chemical smell, who wants to smell the plastic while they are enjoying their favorite beverage.

  • Easy to clean – Detach the funnel from the tube and just rinse with soap and water. It is that easy to wash this beer bong. Set aside for air day.

  • Enjoy at any occasion - Party with this Beer Bong for any occasion. Pick your favorite funnel color for college parties, bachelor party, bachelorette party, weddings, girls’, and boys’ night out or in, pool party, graduation party, white elephant gift, gag gift, or just want to have a beer bong. Use this beer bong to consume any of your favorite beverages.

Always remember that too much beer, especially in a short amount of time, can be dangerous. Please drink responsibly and in moderation.

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