Double Beer Bong Extreme – Pink


The Double Beer Bong is actually two beer bongs in one. Separate chambers allow your friends to race each other, or one person can use it alone. Each chamber holds 72 ounces, that’s 6 beers each! At the end of each 2 foot tube are valves (ultimate valves) which easily stop and start the flow without spilling. A handle on the side allows a person to hold it, or you can hang it with the loop provided at the top. Level markings on the side of the funnel tell you how full it is.
The Double Beer Bong is dishwasher safe and all parts easily remove and re-assemble for cleaning. It’s made from USDA approved plastics which means it’s safe and approved to drink from.
This patent pending invention is the first and only production beer bong. You can’t make a beer bong like this from hardware store parts. The Double Beer Bong is perfect to bring to any party, whether it’s at home, college, the tailgating lot, the beach or anywhere else you need to kick your party into high gear!