Jello Shot Syringes – 25 Pack – 2 oz


EASY TO USE: Use your favorite Jell-o Shot recipe, make per instructions and dip the syringe into the mixture, pull the plunger and let it set for a few hours upright. Just use the plunger to squeeze the mixture into your mouth or someone else!

This is great fun for other ingredients as well, not just jello but pudding or any liquid at all. Easy to store, transport, and use with out the mess! No Mess with our items! You can fill the Jello syringes, then cap them off so no Jello comes out.

Awesome novelty item for bars, nightclubs, home parties and all holiday events like Halloween and New Years Eve. They are easy to prep, store and transport. Get everyone talking with these fun Jello Syringes! Use and Recycle! These jello shots are washable and dishwasher safe making them great for another party or event in the future! Made of high quality FDA approved plastic.