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Meaning of Beer Bong:

beer bong is a device composed of a funnel attached to a tube used to facilitate the rapid consumption of beer.    The use of a beer bong is also known as funneling.[1][2]  


The typical construction of a beer bong involves a large funnel connected to tubing. Beers are stockpiled in the funnel and as the user drinks, the beer will pour down the tubing. Beer bongs often have valves to engage/disengage the flow of beer.


Drinking from a beer bong is different from drinking beer normally, or even skulling a beer (or other carbonated beverage) normally. This is because the drinker is not in control of the volume entering the mouth. In addition, the force of gravity pushes the beer into the drinker’s mouth and thus ‘forces’ the beer down. It is for this reason the beer bong often engages the gag reflex.

The beer bong is either ‘hit’ or ‘chugged’. A hit from the beer bong is when a valve is used and one drinks as much beer as they can before turning off the valve. Chugging is where an entire, or a number of beers are consumed in one use. A popular technique is to ‘open’ the esophagus and simply allow the beer to flow down.


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