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Pictures & Videos Beer Bong

Videos from products. Always remember have fun and Don't Drink & Drive. 

Shotgun Champ also the Can Beer Bong, the fastest shogun device in the world. Engineered to empty in less than Two Seconds. Made in USA.


Shotgun Keychain - 4 in 1 Shotgun Tool. The Shotgun Key Chain makes the American college tradition easier, safer and a heck of a lot faster! The Shotgun Opener is made with heavy duty plastic and special formula. The shotgun opener takes the guesswork and danger out of the equation and lets you get the real work at hand! Made in USA. 

Beer Bong - Beer Funnel with or without valve. This versatile beer bong can be used in any college party and frat nights! Leak resistance valve, not only lets you control the beer getting gulped it helps eliminate spills, leaks or sticky messes. Funnel and Tubing made in USA. 



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