Best Kind of Beer for Beer Bong

What is the best kind of beer to put in a Beer Bong?

by Bob the Beer Guy on Jun 09, 2020

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Many have asked this question, so lets break down what kinds of beers there are. Because you don't want to have a party and spend lots of money on beer, while you could have enjoyed the beer bong with a cheaper beer. 

What kind of beers are there?

Lager - The beer style almost everyone is familiar with, is known for its crispness and refreshing finish. The lager is light in flavor, color and alcohol content and often produced in larger quantities. 

          Example - Budweiser, Coors, Pabst Blue Ribbon

Ale - Ales are full bodies with hints of fruit or spice and a hoppy finish. they are also known to quench a mean thirst. Comes in Brown Ale, Pale Ale, and Indian Ales (IPAs). The pale ales are generally hoppy but lower in alcohol content than IPAs. They are typically light, drinkable beers. 

          Example - Sierra Nevada, Fuller's ESB, Guinness Dry Stout

Malt - Sweet tooth? Malts, often containing notes of caramel, toffee, and nuts are dark and sweet in alcohol levels. 

          Example - Guiness Draught Stout, Murphy's Stout

At the end is totally up to you on how much you would like to spend and have fun beer bonging. But using a lighter color which is usually light alcohol beer is recommended. 

Whether you are using a beer bong or a shotgun device like the shotgun key chain, you can down a beer between 3 to 10 seconds. So again, you want to use that lighter beer. 

Make sure that you funnel and tubing is made in USA with FDA quality plastic, so when you pour the beer in, it's safe to drink our of. A lot of the beer bongs sold on Amazon or eBay are made in China with the cheap plastic and non-FDA approved plastic . Please make sure it is good quality. Your health comes first. 

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